Stresemann co 13 | Airport Bench modular design system

Stresemann co 13
Airport Bench

Unlike familiar waiting-room benches, the Stresemann airport bench system provides dynamic, individually tailored sitting comfort. Each user can sway and move on his seat without affecting the other occupants of the bench. This is due to the innovative connection between seat and support frame using special aluminum mounts that hold the seat shell at the front-most point. To underscore the system's focus on personal comfort, each seat can be equipped with its own armrests. Wide, ergonomically shaped seat shells in materials that can be specified for the particular area of use are available in a variety of luxury upholstery options. Completely modular in design, the bench system can be configured in any way with two to eight seats and combined with storage surfaces.

Designed for | Atelier Schneeweiss


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