Michael Neumayr

Austrian/Danish born Michael Neumayr is an internationally awarded designer and inventor of numerous patents, working in the fields of industrial design and interior architecture. He is professor for Environmental Design at his Alma Mater, Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, where he gained a BS in Product Design in 1991. Michael’s work has been featured in international design magazines, TV and various exhibits. A selection of his works has been introduced to the permanent collection of the Chicago Athenaeum, Museum of Architecture and Design.

Since the founding of the studio in 1993 in Munich, Germany, Michael Neumayr and his team have provided strategic design services for a broad variety of renowned international clients such as AXO, BMW, Dornbracht, Hiller Group, Lincoln, Vogl etc. They have developed residential and contract furniture, lighting systems, medical and electronic equipment, bathroom fittings, automotive design consulting services, retail, trade and exhibition designs as well as residential and commercial spatial solutions.

Michael takes a holistic approach to design that is influenced by his formal training at ArtCenter both in Europe and the USA and the principles of Feng Shui, which he started to study in 1994. His constant strive to provide sustainable design solutions brings economy, ecology and human needs in balance.

His upbringing in a pristine natural environment gave him sensibility and admiration for the beauty and fragility of nature. Growing up in Austria, a country laden with art and design history, he finds it intriguing to expose himself to the sizzling cultural melting pot of Los Angeles, where he moved in 2004. The progressive, environmentally conscious and culturally diverse dynamic of California, offer constant inspiration to create truly innovative, human centered design solutions.

“I am inspired by what the future could be and strive to shape it by inventing products, which better our human experience. With nature as my inspiration, I embrace sustainability wholeheartedly. Some might call my ideas futuristic, I call them evolutionary. It angers me when I hear “you can’t do that!” as the status quo won’t solve the problems we are facing today. My “Why” is seeking mastery. I’m driven to find better ways, connect the dots to envision and develop truly meaningful products. Enthusiasm and my love for mastering the perfect proportions and details drives my design.”

Michael works with a diverse team of international designers from various backgrounds in industrial and product design, environmental and spatial experience design, furniture and fixture design, marketing and engineering.


"Form follows Feeling. Beyond giving a product or a space a mere functional form, I strive to create timeless solutions, which evoke a sense of well being and nurture meaningful human experiences".

co-creation in design, prototyping and value engineering

“Our ​iterative design process creates clarity and allows us to anticipate and solve problems quickly. ​​We are thinkers and doers, we like to get our hands dirty and figure stuff out as we go. Value ​engineering ​is ​a ​term ​most ​designers ​abhorr. ​We ​embrace ​it. ​Only ​the ​deep ​understanding ​of ​engineering ​and ​production ​processes ​allows ​us ​to ​deliver ​timeless ​designs, ​without ​compromising ​manufacturability ​and ​cost. ​We ​dive ​deep to understand all the needs. We believe in cocreation. Instead of us consulting the client’s inhouse engineers, they consult with us - so we not ​only ​design, ​but ​engineer ​and ​create ​fully ​functioning ​prototypes. This creates a harmonious and mutually supportive and productive environment that produces results much quicker, than it can be usually achieved in a corporate setting alone.”


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